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Location Management

From big budget feature films to small commercials, we can supply you with all your Location needs. Location Managing is what we do best!

Film Production – TV and Film Location Management

If your shoot requires something spectacular or complex, then we are the team for you

Our Work

We are responsible for finding and securing locations, as well as all logistics associated with filming at a location.
During pre-production, the Location Manager will work closely with the Director and Designer to scout locations that meet the artistic vision for the production.

Once the location has been agreed, the Location Manager can set about scheduling dates for filming, agreeing fees for the location, seeking permission from local authorities and residents, arranging parking for film crew, planning traffic orders, and arranging temporary facilities for crew, production and talent during filming.

Naturally, during pre-production, things change around a lot. Scripts get changed, budgets get reallocated, the list is endless. Location Managers have to think on their feet and be able to adapt to ever-changing requirements and environments.



Ever dreamt of visiting somewhere you have seen in a film? You are not alone, in fact over a quarter of us say that films influence where we want to go on holiday and 36% have added destinations to our ‘bucket lists’ immediately after watching a film.

With this news we wanted to find out more about how location scouts and managers actually find the perfect settings for the films they work on and is their job as enviable as we think it to be, can endless travelling around exotic destinations to find the perfect backdrop really be that hard…?

Georgette Turner LMGI – FOCUS

Working as a UPM and Supervising Location Manager for fourteen years, Georgette has worked her way up the ladder to be a leading member of the UK film industry. Georgette is the chairman for the Location Managers branch of Bectu and treasurer for the Location Managers Guild International. A working …

The 6th Hollywood Location Scouts Panel in July had representatives from the UK, Canada, Australia and the US » The Location Guide

British location manager Georgette Turner (Wonder Woman, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, Mission Impossible: Fallout), Toronto’s Scott Alexander (Suicide Squad, Fahrenheit 451, “Orphan Black”) and Duncan Jones (Dora the Explorer, Thor, Aquaman) from Queensland, Australia added an international dimension to the panel.

On The QT Location Services

We are pleased to congratulate our MD Sue Quinn on Winning Several awards in 2014. Sue won the Panavision Project award for her work on “Edge Of Tomorrow”, and  The Film Finances Project Management Award in recognition of her work on films including “Pirates of the Caribbean” and “Harry Potter”, but most notably …