About Us

Sue Quinn

Sue is an award-winning location manager who’s achievements include, "Panavision Project Manager award" for closing Trafalgar Square in Sci-fi blockbuster "Edge of Tomorrow". Working as a Supervising Location Manager for over twenty years and heading up projects that include the "Harry Potter" film franchise, "Pirates of the Caribbean", "Love Actually", "Notting Hill", "Tarzan The Legend" and "Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them".

Sue's contacts within the film industry are unparalleled, whilst her extensive knowledge of unique locations throughout the UK will help with any event requirement. If you are looking for a secret location Sue is sure to find it.

Georgette Turner

Georgette recently finished on a feature film entitled “His House” as Supervising Location Manager”. Working as a UPM and Location Manager for fourteen years she has worked her way up the ladder to be a leading member of the UK film industry.

Georgette's knowledge of filming in and around London is unmatched, particularly her expertise around the legality of filming and events in London. This is key to any planning application which she will monitor every step of the way.