Ever dreamt of visiting somewhere you have seen in a film? You are not alone, in fact over a quarter of us say that films influence where we want to go on holiday and 36% have added destinations to our ‘bucket lists’ immediately after watching a film.

With this news we wanted to find out more about how location scouts and managers actually find the perfect settings for the films they work on and is their job as enviable as we think it to be, can endless travelling around exotic destinations to find the perfect backdrop really be that hard…?

On The QT Location Services

We are pleased to congratulate our MD Sue Quinn on Winning Several awards in 2014. Sue won the Panavision Project award for her work on “Edge Of Tomorrow”, and  The Film Finances Project Management Award in recognition of her work on films including “Pirates of the Caribbean” and “Harry Potter”, but most notably …

MAR BVE 2015

This time last week, we found ourselves on stage before an audience of industry professionals and future filmmakers giving a talk on location managing and scouting. We were joined on stage by Head of the Met Police Film Unit; James Waller, who was on hand to explain his job role, …